Beacon Red Joins Forces with Quali for Cyber Solutions in GCC Region

BEACON RED, a solutions-provider that focuses on tackling complex national security threats and a subsidiary of EDGE Group, and Quali, the Texas-based Infrastructure Automation at ScaleTM  company, have entered a strategic partnership to provide cybersecurity and related services for governments, military and critical infrastructure projects across the six-member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Under the terms of the agreement, BEACON RED and Quali will deliver a joint solution that enables customers to establish complex cyber range and interoperability testing scenarios for their clients in the GCC region. In doing so, the agreement seeks to strengthen cybersecurity support for critical deployments and enhance the management of secured environments.

Through leveraging Quali’s CloudShell infrastructure automation platform as part of the solution, BEACON RED can offer customers an enhanced level of security to:

  • Rapidly create and replicate complex environments that include a mix of virtual and physical infrastructure, built to client specifications, compliance and governance standards
  • Design and deploy robust cyber range scenarios, delivered and consumed on demand
  • Create secure and compliant environments to test and validate new solutions

Mauricio De Almeida, CEO, BEACON RED, said: “BEACON RED and Quali are committed to helping GCC customers achieve both flexibility and scale in their cybersecurity posture. As an expert in cybersecurity and intelligence, BEACON RED understands that asymmetric threats, especially to the mission-critical physical and IT infrastructure of nations, require unconventional solutions.”

He added: “Through integrating integrating Quali CloudShell into our offering, what would have taken days or weeks to configure, can now be achieved with a touch of a button. Together, we will further strengthen our mission to protect our clients from increasingly complex and destructive cyberattacks. Our focus will be to prevent, disrupt, and withstand cyberattacks, increasing our clients’ ability to maintain operational resiliency.”

John Klemm, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Quali, said: “Both Quali and BEACON RED believe in IT choice and service flexibility, allowing the customer to choose the environment that best suits their individual needs. Our technologies are well aligned to our shared cybersecurity mission of enabling safe choices for our customers. Quali’s built-in IT infrastructure governance capabilities ensure customers can manage risks across environments. We are confident that this agreement will help us continue our extraordinary growth together.”

BEACON RED’s customers in the Middle East can now access Quali products through BEACON RED’s implementation team. Guaranteeing safe and supported infrastructure deployments to address current threats like cyberattacks, the products also work well to eliminate threats in remote working scenarios that are vulnerable to attacks. Furthermore, BEACON RED employs one of the region’s most distinguished cybersecurity subject matter experts – capable of deploying Quali software for cyber range and interoperability use cases.

Stay tuned for future announcements at the upcoming ISS World – Middle East event, set to run in Dubai from 28 June to 30 June, 2021.

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