ROSOBORONEXPORT offers a full range of tuning parts for small arms

    The Joint Stock Company ROSOBORONEXPORT (part of Rostec State Corporation) has launched a global marketing campaign for a wide range of Russian-made tuning parts for civilian and service small arms.

“JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT’s export catalog includes a full range of tuning parts that can significantly improve the ergonomics, accuracy, reliability and functionality of small arms. For the most of Russian weapon models, more than 10 configurations are available to meet the specific tasks of the customers, among which may be the special units of various law enforcement agencies, private security companies, athletes and hunters,”- said Alexander Mikheev, Director General of JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT.  “The products we offer have received a positive feedback from the specialists of the National Guard, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.”

Among the products offered by the company are muzzle brakes, muzzle devices, forearms, bipods and grips, brackets and receiver covers with Picatinny rails, pistol grips, butts, magazines. For the convenience of their installation, Russian companies have developed adapters, clamps and specialized tools. Their production is located in Russia and does not depend on supplies from abroad. Among the manufacturers whose products JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT offers in the foreign market are the Kalashnikov Group (part of Rostec State Corporation), as well as PUFGUN, Zenitka and Rotor-43 companies.

Tuning of legacy small arms enables the installation of all the modern optical devices on them to improve visibility in conditions of limited visibility or long distances. Russian manufacturers develop and manufacture a full range of optical devices, including red dot sights, daytime sights, shooting glasses, monoculars, night vision scope attachments, thermal imagers, thermal imaging attachments and other types of optics. JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT has successful experience in promoting optics manufactured by Shvabe (a Rostec State Corporation subsidiary), Infratech and Dedal in the global market.

JSC ROSOBORONEXPORT offers various tactical devices to customize a firearm to the individual shooter: flashlights, laser designators and remote control buttons. Designed for aiming using night vision devices and illuminating space at night or in places where there is no source of light, they significantly improve fire readiness. The ergonomics and effectiveness of the weapon are also significantly enhanced by additional features such as fire selectors, safeties and operating handles.


The design of all the tuning parts has been developed in close cooperation with weapon operators, taking into account their use in real conditions. A number of them were modernized by manufacturers with regard to feedback directly from the battlefield and best meet modern requirements for ergonomics, performance and operational characteristics.

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