IAI Launches Global Control Center System for Aircraft Conversion Programs

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), a world-class aerospace and defense company, launched its Global Control Center (GCC) system developed for managing and monitoring major projects, most notably the international aircraft conversion programs that IAI conducts in Israel and around the world.

The system – developed in-house – is fully operational after being tested by all levels, from aeronautical division managers to project managers and general workers.

The system will help reduce the conversion time of each aircraft, optimize all the logistical processes and allows for a targeted and horizontal management of errors or challenges. It offers the ability to present the conversion process in real-time to the company’s customers – both new and existing – in a way that was not previously possible and with a degree of detail that was until recently considered impossible. The system is managed from an advanced control and monitoring center located at IAI’s facility.

Boaz Levy, CEO of IAI: “IAI is delighted to launch the GCC system and mark its entry into full use in the company’s aircraft conversion programs. This is indeed a defining moment that fulfills the goals I set when I began my tenure as CEO of IAI to both increase profitability and   improve efficiency and transparency for our customers. We expect the system will have a great impact on our activities, both internally and externally, first in the aviation sector and then in other IAI activities.”

 Shmuel Kuzi, VP and GM of IAI’s Aviation Group: “This innovative system will optimize IAI’s conversion programs in an unprecedented way while providing full transparency to the company’s customers. Now fully operational, we anticipate a reduction in the working time on each aircraft and to improve the response to our customers while allowing new customers to share in the success and enjoy IAI’s converted freighters.”

The market for passenger-to-freighter conversions has experienced a boom in recent years, with a significant increase in the demand for air freight. Data from 2023 shows a 15% increase in demand compared to 2022, and this is expected to continue in the years to come.

IAI is one of the world’s leading companies in this field, with over 40 years of experience in aircraft conversion, providing innovative solutions that enable the conversion of a wide range of passenger aircraft, including the Boeing 737, and 767 series and, of course, the 777-300 and Airbus A330 aircraft which are currently at an advanced stage in the process of obtaining a license. IAI’s clear leadership in the aerospace industry is evidenced by its customer base, which includes Amazon, DHL, Emirati carrier Etihad Cargo, American aviation giant Air Transport Services Group, and many more.

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