HENSOLDT Singapore with HTX to develop the Next-Generation Rapid Deployable CUAS System for Urban Security  

HENSOLDT, a leading sensor solution provider, announces its collaboration with Singapore’s HTX (Home Team Science and Technology Agency), to drive the advancement of Rapid Deployable Counter UAV Systems (CUAS) for urban environment. This collaboration is a response to the ever-increasing threat posed by over-the-counter drones. Combining HENSOLDT Singapore’s specialized software expertise, system integration skills, and operational insights from HTX, the collaboration aims to deliver an integrated solution that meets the unique demands of an urban environment.


The Rapid Deployable CUAS system, a key outcome of this partnership, incorporates HENSOLDT’s Z:ASSESS software and state-of-the-art Multi-Sensors Data Fusion (MSDF). The system is built on an extremely modular and scalable concept, includes Surveillance Radar, EO/IR cameras, Jammer and allowing seamless integration of additional sensors to enhance its capabilities. This CUAS suite is designed to provide real-time threat detection and mapping, offering users a comprehensive view of identified threats overlaid on chosen zones.  The system is showcased for the first time at the HTX Pavilion at Milipol Asia-Pacific–TechX Summit 2024.


The collaboration illustrates the high level of cooperation between HENSOLDT Singapore and HTX. “This is only the beginning of such strategic partnerships between the HTX Singapore and HENSOLDT Singapore. We look forward to expanding this relationship in the near future”, says Ines Maiwald, Head of Business Development Asia at HENSOLDT.


“The collaboration aims to address the unique challenges presented by urban environments, providing an effective solution for CUAS in Singapore”, says Dr. Ben Soon, Senior Principal Engineer from HTX, who played a crucial role in architecting the system’s design.


HENSOLDT Singapore has previously demonstrated its expertise in drone defense through its CUAS system. This collaboration with HTX signifies a shared commitment to advancing security measures and responding proactively to evolving threats. The CUAS system is not only intended for permanent deployment but also for temporary protection during major events, showcasing its versatility and adaptability.


The collaboration also represents a significant step in addressing the complex security landscape associated with unmanned aerial systems in urban areas. This joint effort is poised to set new standards for CUAS technology, contributing to enhanced security and protection against emerging threats.

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