Heart Aerospace opens US R&D hub, enters new phase for Hybrid-Electric Airplane

Swedish hybrid-electric airplane maker, Heart Aerospace, announces a significant milestone with the opening of a new Research and Development hub in the United States. This strategic move comes as the company prepares to enter a new phase of hardware testing in the development of its first regional hybrid-electric airplane, the ES-30.

The Los Angeles-based R&D hub will focus on the advancement of Heart’s hybrid-electric propulsion system and other key technologies. The company will relocate its full-scale aircraft demonstrator to the US, where it aims to demonstrate proof of concept of a new and innovative hybrid propulsion system.

To lead the US R&D hub, Heart Aerospace has appointed Benjamin Stabler as Chief Technology Officer. Stabler, who has led hardware and software teams on the Crew Dragon program at SpaceX, and served as co-founder of Parallel Systems, a developer of automated, battery-electric freight rail vehicles brings a wealth of experience to Heart Aerospace. He will recruit a team for the US R&D hub, which will work closely with the organization based at the company’s headquarters in Gothenburg.

Anders Forslund, Co-founder and CEO of Heart Aerospace, said Los Angeles was the obvious choice for the company’s R&D hub considering its rich history of innovation, “The establishment of our US R&D hub signifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in aviation. We are working on a solution we call independent hybrid propulsion, and we aim to demonstrate electric flight during next year.”

“We have an exciting time ahead of us as we enter a new phase of hardware testing, and I’m thrilled that Ben is joining our team. His experience and passion for innovation is just what Heart needs to advance on our mission to decarbonize and democratize air travel”, Forslund adds.

Heart Aerospace, originating in the Nordics, has garnered investments worldwide, with North America emerging as its primary market. While the US R&D hub represents a significant milestone, Heart Aerospace remains headquartered in Europe, where it will pursue type certification in 2028.

The ES-30, a regional hybrid-electric airplane with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers, promises to deliver unparalleled sustainability and efficiency on short-haul routes. With a fully electric zero-emission range of 200 kilometers and an extended hybrid range of 400 kilometers, the ES-30 offers lower emissions and operating costs.

Heart Aerospace has already secured 250 orders for the ES-30, with options and purchase rights for another 120 airplanes. The company also has letters of intent for a further 191 airplanes.

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