Satair & Transavia France Implement Integrated Material Services Solution

Satair, an Airbus Services company, announced the successful entry into service of a significant long-term contract with Transavia France for the provision of its Integrated Material Services (IMS) supply chain solution, which will cover all expendable materials required for line- and base maintenance.

Under this agreement, which was signed earlier this year, Satair will supply all expendable airframe materials tailored to meet the specific needs of Transavia France. This partnership is set to enhance Transavia’s operational processes by increasing the availability of spare parts while simultaneously reducing supply chain costs. The IMS solution will manage the entire supply chain, including forecasting, planning, purchasing, and delivery, ensuring that all airframe expendables are covered and the scope can expand as necessary to meet Transavia’s evolving requirements for line- and base maintenance.

Transavia will benefit from a tailored solution requiring no upfront investment, simultaneously enhancing material availability and reducing the administrative burden associated with supply chain planning and operations. This contract supports Transavia’s ongoing fleet transition to Airbus aircraft, partnering up with Satair to facilitate a successful entry into service and ensure safe and efficient ramp-up and operation.

“We are excited to expand our collaboration with Transavia through this latest agreement with their division in France,” said Paul Lochab, CCO, Satair . “We look forward to the IMS solution playing a key role in supporting Transavia’s continuous and successful Airbus fleet ramp-up.”

Sylvain Fagot, SVP Fleet, Engineering & Maintenance, Transavia France added, “We are pleased to enter this partnership with Satair. We anticipate significant benefits from entrusting our supply chain operations to them, allowing us to free up resources to focus on our core mission of providing our customers with the best flying experience.”

This strategic partnership marks a significant step forward for both companies, ensuring a streamlined and efficient supply chain operation that supports the evolving needs of Transavia France.

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