IAI Opens Local Office in Australia, Will Participate in Land Forces 2021

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) announced that it is expanding its global presence and opening a local office in Australia. Inaugurating local presence in the region, IAI wishes to increase cooperation and sharing of knowledge with local industries in effort to share IAI’s experience and knowhow with Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities.

Headed by the new local office, IAI looks forward to participating in the Land Forces Exhibition 2021 (June 1-3, Queensland, Australia). During the Land Forces exhibition, IAI will present a variety of land solutions such as end-to-end and cutting-edge sensors for force protection. Furthermore, IAI will present awareness solutions including information gathering reconnaissance, surveillance, communication as well as a selection of loitering munitions capabilities.

IAI’s participation in the Land Forces Exhibition comes on the tail of the recently established partnership with BIS, to found Auto-Mate, a company for autonomous mining operations. The joint venture pairs BIS’ demonstrated operational experience in the mining sector with IAI’s industry-leading capabilities in autonomous technologies. In addition, last year IAI successfully demonstrated its autonomous Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) to the Israel Defence Force (IDF) and the MOD. The CARMEL program focuses on enhanced AI, autonomous and automatic capabilities for current and future combat scenarios, the ability to maneuver in urban environments, and can be operated by a minimum crew of two soldiers. The Carmel is part of a vast portfolio of land robotics and vehicles.

As a world leader in the in cutting edge systems of systems and in the field of radars and sensors, from tactical to strategic, IAI invests in innovation and technological collaborations. Those unique capabilities are integrated in our most advanced solutions such as mission aircraft, robotic land systems, anti-drone defense, homeland security, UAV’s, satellites and more. All of our Radars and sensors, are integrated in the most advanced combat proven technological platforms that exist. In an age of information overload, the ability to refine high-quality intelligence from a range of sensors, has become critical.

Boaz Levy, President and CEO of IAI said: “IAI is excited to establish presence in Australia and further cooperation with local industries. IAI seeks to share its knowledge and know-how to enhance Australia’s sovereign defence solutions and look forward to reaching market potential. During the Land Forces exhibition IAI will display a wide range of advanced technological systems for the Australian market and we hope to establish new opportunities for the near- and long-term future”.

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